Two walkers had to be rescued by a search and rescue helicopter on Thursday (August 20) after they were cut off by the tide near Lynmouth.

The two walkers had contacted the emergency services after the rising tide left them stranded while walking the coast path and beaches near Lynmouth.

Ilfracombe RNLI’s volunteer crew was dispatched, with all-weather lifeboat The Barry and Peggy High Foundation and inshore lifeboat Deborah Brown II battling force seven winds and two metre swells along the shoreline.

Ilfracombe and Lyntmouth’s Coastguard teams and the helicopter joined a 90-minute search around the cliffs at Sillery Sands which proved fruitless.

The walkers were able to make contact again to direct rescue teams towards Foreland Point. The lifeboats were able to locate the two walkers, who had managed to climb up the cliff and onto a ledge 20 metres above the water, and were using a mobile phone torch as a signal.

The conditions were too dangerous for the lifeboats to reach the stranded people, so the search and rescue helicopter was tasked with winching the two to safety.

RNLI volunteer coxswain Andrew Bengey said: “This weekend will be one of the highest spring tides of the year and high tide was 9.7 metres. The tide can come in very quickly and catch people out.

“Thankfully no one was hurt, however we would urge people to check the tide timetables before walking along the shoreline.

“We would also recommend that people carry of means of calling for help. It was fortunate that the people stranded were able to raise the alarm and notify the Coastguard of their location.”