Councillors in Torridge are being asked to ‘lead the way’ when it comes to saving hedgehogs.

At its full council meeting on Monday, April 8, councillors will be asked to consider a submission to aid the plight of this declining species.

Councillors Cathrine Simmons and Peter Christie are asking for a condition to be placed on all planning permissions to allow hedgehogs to roam freely.

They are asking for the condition to involve holes in fences, walls and other barriers on new developments.

The notice of motion says: “Hedgehogs need a large area to find their food and this small action will make a difference.

“We understand that this will be added to planning advice by central government in the future, but we think that Torridge should lead the way.

“Hedgehogs are in rapid decline and this much-loved mammal should been given as much help as possible.”

The full council meeting will meet on Monday (April 8) at 6.30pm in Bideford Town Hall.

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