Top temperatures in the South West could reach as much as 32 degrees today (Thursday, July 25) as the UK swelters under a heatwave.

Nationally the Met Office is warning of an 'exceptionally hot day' with temperatures having the potential to reach 39 degrees and beat the July record of 36.7.

In North Devon, the temperature at Chivenor was recorded as 21.6 degrees at 9am this morning.

Cloud is expected to thicken later and it remain humid overnight with lows of 17 degrees.

Friday will see a far cooler day with outbreaks of rain in the morning giving way to a largely dry sunny day but maximum temperatures of 24.

The Met Office says the outlook from Saturday through to Monday is mainly dry with plenty of sunshine through the weekend and at first on Monday, probably turning cloudier and windier later on Monday with some rain.

The heatwave could pose a risk to older people, those with underlying health conditions and young children.

The advice is to look out for family and friends, take plenty of water with you if travelling and try and keep homes as cool as possible.

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