South West MEP among speakers at parish hall event next week

People are being given the opportunity to debate both sides of the EU debate at hustings-style event being held in Braunton on Saturday, June 11.

The event will feature a panel of speakers representing the Remain and Leave campaigns.

Remain will be represented by Conservative South West MEP Julie Girling; Fremington parish councillor and North Devon’s ‘StrongerIN’ campaign co-ordinator David Chalmers; and Becca Ridley, an education and youth politics PhD researcher.

The Leave camp will be represented by former bank manager Michael Pagram; former Student Union president Alex Mullen; and North Devon’s UKIP chairman Stuart Robinson.

Organiser David Vaughan said the idea was to give local people the opportunity to hear both sides of the story before they vote on June 23.

He said: “This is in direct response to the numerous individuals I have encountered while campaigning all around North Devon, who have requested a system of information delivery that is not heavily leaning one way or the other.

“A chaired debate is the best way of achieving this I believe.”

The debate at the parish hall starts at 6.30pm.

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