Is 17th century former farmhouse one of Britain’s most haunted pubs?

A pub reputed to be one of the most haunted in Britain has gone up for sale in Shebbear.

The Devil's Stone Inn is said to get its name from the nearby Devil Stone, a huge rock that as myth has it, dropped out of the devil's pocket as he fell from heaven to hell.

And the tales that surround the 17th century former farmhouse are no less spooky, including legends of a hidden tunnel attaching it to the church and ghostly sightings.

An elderly coachman has been seen in the restaurant area, a grumpy old man in an upstairs bedroom and a little girl spotted who likes to play hide and seek.

The pub was converted into a coaching inn 400 years ago and includes a garden and games room.

Richard Wood of agents Christie + Co, said: "Having owned and operated the business for nine years, it is now our client's desire to retire.

"The business currently offers a varied menu throughout the day with great standards of bed & breakfast accommodation and would benefit from an experienced operator."

Christie + Co is seeking £580,000 for the freehold interest in the pub. For more information contact 01392 285600 or email