Devon is full of ghouls and ghosts, according to a survey complied by an online estate agent this Halloween.

Barnstaple Guildhall certainly looks the part - is it haunted? Picture: ContributedBarnstaple Guildhall certainly looks the part - is it haunted? Picture: Contributed

Property specialists sought to uncover the most haunted regions in England, and did so by trawling the Paranormal Database.

This online resource documents every account of paranormal activity in all areas of England, and, to date, has reached more than 11,900 entries in total.

With its Norman castles and medieval abbeys, Yorkshire got the top spot, having 685 recorded entries.

Spookily, Devon scored seventh place in the country, with 388 activities so far recorded, according to the database.

Stories laden with bells signifying an imminent death and mischief making shadows do all haunt North Devon, however, with Barnstaple, Bideford, Challacombe and Torrington all being hubs for paranormal activity.

Barnstaple’s Civic Centre, cinema and Guildhall have all had reported activity, including the ghost of a puma loitering close to the town centre.

In Bideford, a family had recurrent ghostly visitors to their house, and a woman reported making a deal with the Devil after coming across him on the road behind the churchyard.

Challacombe saw the chilling story of a man driven mad by the sound of horses, as well as sightings of dragons and fairies.

Spooky activity has been reported at Barnstaple Civic Centre. Picture: Andy KeebleSpooky activity has been reported at Barnstaple Civic Centre. Picture: Andy Keeble

If you visit Torrington, be on the look out for the apparitions of the former stationmaster and his wife, or for a ghostly hound running along Bideford Road.

Unsurprisingly, Dartmoor was the most prolific place in Devon, with 38 of the total reportings coming from this eerie area. Accounts include a haunting voice that lures victims to their deaths, sightings and sounds of ghostly battles that are underway, and the ghosts of those who lost their lives out on the moors and who are still roaming around today.

Surprisingly, despite its many historical attractions, North Devon has hosted far fewer hauntings than South Devon, according to the database.

The Isle of Wight is the country’s least haunted region, with just 76 entries recorded. Yet among them are included the ghost of a girl murdered by her brother, and a ghostly voice warding away passers by.

Do you think North Devon has more hauntings than have been reported? We would love to hear your stories!

Make sure you’re on the lookout for local spooks this Halloween!

How spook-filled is Devon?

More than 10 – Dartmoor (38), Exeter (31), Plymouth (24), Newton Abbot, Tavistock, Torquay

Torbay (6). Other reports: Abbotsham, Alwington, Ilfracombe x 2, Lynmouth, Marwood, Shebbear, Winkleigh, Woolacombe x 2, South Molton.

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