North Devon K9focus Heroes Awards 2015 Working Hero winner

Young North Devon police dog Charlie is all business on the beat, but when the ‘uniform’ comes off he likes nothing better than to play at home with his owner’s young family.

“Charlie is a two-and-a-half year old general purpose police dog, who I have had since February 2014 when we began our initial training course. Both he and I have only recently become fully operational and have been patrolling North Devon since July 2014,” said handler and nominator PC Simon Willan.

“Charlie is a fantastic character and temperament, both at work and at home. He is a very keen and hard working dog who loves to please and thoroughly enjoys his work, but once the uniform comes off he fits in well with family life and likes nothing more than to play with my young children.

“He is still developing as a police dog, but so far he has proved himself to be a good addition to the Devon and Cornwall police dog section.”