Despite facing unemployment after being turfed from his roadside spot off the A39, Jans Diner has found a new home in Bideford.

A diner owner who was booted from his roadside spot by Devon County Council has found a happy ending with a new venture.

Rahim Jan thought it was the end of the road when the council evicted him from the Rooksbridge picnic area off the A39 in June, despite his efforts to stay put.

But now Rahim has set up a new, take-away style van at BJ's Value House car park in Bideford.

He said he is 'very pleased' to now have a new residence, and thanked everyone who had supported him.

Rahim told the Gazette: "When I had to take the old diner to the scrapheap I was very, very sad.

"But now I am happy. BJ's have been very good to me and my old customers are all coming to visit me and they are happy too."

The toilets on the A39 layby have now been boarded up as DCC prepares to sell the land on the open market.