Hanging up

SIR – I read with interest the article on the Vodafone problems in the Ilfracombe area which have existed for a long time.

I was one of the lucky ones who managed to escape from my contract to a rival company recently, a company which actually appears to care about its customers’ requirements for a mobile telephone.

I had to chuckle when I read the comment from Paul Morris, Vodafone’s Head of Government Affairs, when he claimed that Vodafone are making a major step forward with their Sure Signal product.

Like many people who took the trouble to complain to Vodafone, I was offered this as a solution - yes, they would give me the box free of charge, BUT it would cost more on my monthly contract AND of course, most importantly, it would only benefit the signal around my home providing I had a broadband connection - which I do with my normal landline.

This product is absolutely NO USE at all for people who use their mobile telephones, in the context for which they were developed - ie when mobile away from the home.

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I for one don’t care if I have no signal in my home - I have a landline - Vodafone totally continues to miss the point of the problems in this area.

Goodbye Vodafone, this customer of nearly 20 years’ standing will not be returning to yourselves.

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Andrew Pettey,


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