Hands off Bidna!

May I make my position quite clear? I am neither for nor against a marina being built at Knapp Marsh, but I feel I must protest against those people who seem to have a hidden agenda by bringing Bidna Yard into their forum.

I refer to the letters “Tyco all over again?”, “Dock jobs could go” and “The case against” (Opinion, February 6).

Scaremongering immediately comes to mind. Put the seeds of doubt into everyone’s mind. More votes against – is that how it works? Never mind the anxiety of the workforce and their families.

Habitat, wildlife, yes, OK, I will go along with that. Protest at noise from Bidna Yard – do me a favour.

You can walk down the road within a few hundred meters of Bidna and never know it was there, except visually of course.

You may also want to watch:

So, please, all you people who do not want a marina built at Knapp Marsh, find an argument with substance, not one built on supposition, and leave Bidna Yard well alone.

Don’t give people ideas. Remember, from a tiny acorn grew the mighty oak.

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Dennis Martin

Shipwright, Bidna Yard (retired)


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