Halwill School received the 15ft Spruce from Westward Housing, which can be enjoyed by the whole community.

THE partners in an affordable homes building project have clubbed together to buy a Christmas tree for the local school.

Westward Housing, who is building new affordable homes at Somerslea in Halwill Junction, purchased the 15 foot Spruce tree for Halwill School.

Philip Hamlyn, a friend and governor of the school, approached the developers when the normal supplier was unable to provide a tree from a local forest.

He said: “I wrote to a selection of companies active in the area and was delighted when a number of the companies involved at the local housing association development agreed to donate a small sum each which enabled us to more than fund a fantastic Christmas tree once again.”

Philip added: “Last year we were able to raise funds for a permanent Christmas tree stand to be installed at Halwill Primary School.

“The stand can be used year on year and to our delight the tree can be seen from the village hall and sports field, benefiting the whole community.”

Nicola Parnell, Westward development manager, said: “We have a number of properties in the area and are keen to support community project where we can.

“The Christmas tree looks fantastic and I’m pleased we have all be able to come together to make this possible.”