A drug dealer from Holsworthy has been found guilty of killing a homeless man who he attacked just two days after being freed from prison.

Guy Pottle hit victim Antony Moore with a single punch during an drunken argument over a wine bottle in the centre of Exeter on June 30.

Both men were homeless and had been drinking heavily after leaving the alcohol-free Respect festival in Belmont Park in Exeter.

Pottle had been set free by a Judge at Exeter Crown Court two days earlier when he was ordered to receive drug rehabilitation and 35 days supervision.

He had been remanded in custody for several weeks and the judge was told he was going to stay off drugs and live with his sister in Dawlish.

CCTV footage provided by police showed Anthony Moore (in white) and Guy Pottle (in black) as the incident took place which led to Mr Moore's death.CCTV footage provided by police showed Anthony Moore (in white) and Guy Pottle (in black) as the incident took place which led to Mr Moore's death.

Instead, he went straight back to heroin use and remained in Exeter, where he was homeless and sofa surfing with a friend who lived in Pellinore Road.

His last permanent address before he was caught drug dealing in Exeter by a sting operation was at a house in North Street, Holsworthy, which had been boarded up by police under a closure order.

Pottle, aged 32, killed 40-year-old Antony Moore with a single punch which knocked him back so violently that he cracked his head on the pavement.

He suffered fatal head injuries and died in Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, nine days later.

The two men were squabbling over a bottle of wine which Pottle was holding and Mr Moore took from him and swigged. He grabbed it back, spilling some in the process, then punched Mr Moore in retaliation.

He was in a violent mood and had attacked the manager of the Sainsbury shop in Sidwell Street just 23 minutes earlier after he caught him shoplifting a bottle of wine and took it off him.

Pottle denied manslaughter but was found guilty in just over an hour by the jury today (Thursday).

He claimed he felt threatened and was acting in self defence but CCTV from outside the Sports Direct shop in Exeter High Street showed Mr Moore with his hands by his sides.

Judge Justice May adjourned sentence until February and ordered the probation service to assess whether Pottle should be classified as a dangerous offender.

He has several previous convictions for violence and served a four year jail term in 2014 for a machete attack on a friend, also carried out when he was drunk and on drugs.

The judge said she would be considering an extended sentence in the light of Pottle’s previous convictions.

The manslaughter verdict was welcomed by volunteer support worker Kiernon Barnes, who has known Mr Moore for most of his life.

He said:”I am really pleased that he has got some justice. Antony was no angel but nobody deserves what happened to him.”

Speaking after the hearing, DS Jo Hall, investigating officer in the case, said: “This was an incident involving a group of people that knew each other.

“A brief argument over alcohol led to Mr Pottle assaulting Mr Moore in an unprovoked manner that sadly led to his death.

“This was a detailed investigation involving Local Policing teams and the Major Crime Investigation Team.

“The police would like to thank the witnesses without who we would not have secured a conviction.

“We welcome today’s outcome and our thoughts are with the family of Anthony Moore.”