Fear not, the man pointing a rifle at the beach from a helicopter is an actor filming for a new feature film.

A gun-wielding helicopter will be flying around Ilfracombe Harbour next week - but fear not, it is filming for a brand new feature film.

Next Tuesday (September 23) and Wednesday film crews will be coming to town to film two actors on Raparee Beach.

They will also be flying two helicopters with a man pointing a rifle at the beach, but no gun shots will be fired.

Harbour Master Rob Lawson says: "The police and I have been in talks with the film crew for some time about this and we are looking forward to them showcasing the harbour in the movie.

"We realise that onlookers could be alarmed by the sight of the helicopters and so we want to reassure the public that it's not real, it's just part of the act and therefore, there's no need to call the emergency services."

As part of the filming, Rapparee Beach will also be closed to the public for short periods during the two days.

The movie is called Monochrome and has been written and directed by award winning film-maker Tom Lawes.