Greyhound put down after savage Ilfracombe dog attack

JD, who had to be put to sleep after being badly injured by another dog in an apparent unprovoked at

JD, who had to be put to sleep after being badly injured by another dog in an apparent unprovoked attack at hele Bay. - Credit: Archant

Family pet has to be put to sleep after being severely injured by bull terrier-type dog at Hele beach on Sunday.

AN Ilfracombe couple have warned other dog owners to be vigilant after their pet was attacked at Hele Bay and so severely injured that it had to be put down.

Diane and Paul Fraser’s greyhound JD was attacked without warning by what was described as a large brindle bull terrier type dog on Sunday afternoon as Mr Fraser walked the couple’s two dogs on the beach at Hele.

JD was savaged on the chest and stomach before the other dog could be dragged off and was left bleeding badly.

They rushed their 14-year-old pet up to Mullacott Veterinary Hospital but sadly decided to have him put to sleep because of his age and the extent of his injuries.

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Mrs Fraser said JD had been on his lead as her husband walked him and their other dog Lady on the beach.

“He had been on a walk up Hillsborough and on his way down saw a family with a dog on the beach but thought no more of it,” she said.

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“He did not even see the dog coming, hear a growl or anything and then it just latched on.

“It took my husband and then the owner, when he got there, some time to get the dog off and it bit our dog’s leg as well while they were doing this. The man was with his wife and small daughter and the child was very upset and screaming.

“Our dog had collapsed onto the ground and was bleeding badly and in a mess.

“The man said this had never happened before and was shocked as well.”

The shaken family left the beach. Mrs Fraser said they did not know if they were local people or not.

JD had been with the couple for more than 10 years after coming to them as a rescue dog. Now they want to warn other dog owners to be on their guard: “We don’t want anyone else’s dog being hurt, or even worse, a child,” added Mrs Fraser.

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