Green Party candidate Cathrine Simmons won by a majority of 111 votes in the Torrington by-election.

THE Green Party has won its first seat on Torridge District Council after a by-election held last week.

Cathrine Simmons led by a majority of 111 votes – with 292 of a total of 832 cast.

UKIP’s Robin Julian came second with 181 votes and David Cox, Independent, received 160.

Cathrine said: “Great Torrington has been my home for 27 years and I now have a chance to represent the community.

“Torrington has many problems: low wages, high unemployment and high housing costs but the one thing it has in shovels full is a good community spirit.

“I think my work in the past on various committees and town council has been finally recognised.”

The vote followed Councillor Geoff Lee’s resignation from his role at the district council after moving away from the area.