Traffic measures proposed to help improve air quality in the village.

The go ahead has been given for a raft of measures to tackle pollution in Braunton caused by its traffic problems.

North Devon Council’s executive has today (Tuesday) approved plans to publish an air quality action plan, which by law it must send to the Government.

The draft plan has been put together following monitoring of air quality in the village and went out to public consultation, with around 70 responses received.

New traffic lights by the Williams Arms, better synchronisation of the lights at the Square and working with schools to create travel plans are among the package of measures it proposes.

Creating a park and ride at Wrafton, reducing on street parking, introducing off peak delivery times and improving public transport are also part of the action plan.

Braunton has been declared an ‘Air Quality Management Area’ because nitrogen dioxide levels exceed that set by the Government.

Because routine monitoring by NDC has showed a ‘steady increase’ in levels, by law the council had to produce the action plan.

Once any final amendments are made and it is accepted by Defra, it is likely to be published on the council website in March or April.

“As a result of today’s decisions by the North Devon Council executive, we will be able to kickstart the actions process,” said district and parish councillor Derrick Spear, who is a member of the executive.

“Today we made a real step change to progress measures to alleviate, if not totally eliminate, the problem – certainly to bring them down to well below danger levels.”

* Please note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly attributed the quote to Liz Spear, for which we apologise.