Free event this Saturday and Sunday (May 18/19) to visit local homes and discover how people have been getting on with green solutions.

Rainwater harvesters are a good way of helping to cut down on water bills.Rainwater harvesters are a good way of helping to cut down on water bills.

ANYONE considering whether ‘going green’ is right for them is invited to join a series of visits to local homes to find out how others have got on.

Voluntary group Bideford Sustainability is hosting the free event on Saturday and Sunday (May 18 and 19), when people will be able to see woodburners, photovoltaic solar panels, rainwater harvesting, solid wall insulation, LED lights and other installations in action.

A total of 12 homes in the area are taking part and visitors will also be able to chat to the householders about their experiences with the green solutions - and learn from their mistakes and successes.

Organiser Philip Jones said it was often difficult for people to justify spending money on the latest green installation when all they had to go by was the advertising material.

“I was able to talk candidly with someone who had installed a modern efficient woodburner about how it works and this was a great help in deciding to go ahead and buy one myself,” he said.

* It is all free, but people who wish to take part do need to book in advance. There is an online booking system at and clicking on Seeing Green or by calling 01237 474123.