Bideford-based Droppa & Droppa celebrate 10 years in buisness during national Coeliac Awareness Week.

It was the diagnosis of an autoimmune disease which inspired a Bideford couple to set up their own business 10 years ago.

Jocelyn and Ferenc Droppa, better known as Droppa & Droppa, are celebrating a decade of trading this month as an artisan gluten- and dairy-free bakery.

When Jocelyn was diagnosed with coeliac disease, where the only cure is a strict gluten-free diet, it was a 'natural progression' to sell her gluten-free goods.

Coincidentally, their anniversary also marks national Coeliac Awareness Week, raising awareness of the condition.

Ferenc said: "Initially, the industry consisted of a handful of small manufacturers and one or two large companies.

"Gluten-free food was long life and either was available at specialist health food shops or on prescription if you were a diagnosed coeliac."

In recent years the demand for 'free from' foods has increased dramatically, said Ferenc.

He added: "We realised caterers would require training and as experts in gluten-free we set about assisting the food service industry in managing the gluten- free offering."

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