Give us beach say!

Signs alongside Instow Beach read: “Instow Parish Council welcomes visitors using Instow Beach for recreation.”

But the signs also advise members of the public that bathing is potentially hazardous because of the strong tidal currents, soft sands, anchored boats and moorings close to the shore and possible water contamination following heavy rainfall.

Does this mean the beach is definitely not a child-friendly beach and certainly not for swimmers who may value their health?

The reputation of Instow Beach has been overshadowed for decades by poor bathing water quality.

Recent actions of Instow Parish Council are also unacceptable. What are their motives in holding a so-called public meeting – and then keeping it secret?

Logically, if one actually wants the public to attend a public consultation meeting, one advertises in the local press, puts up posters and does not choose a tiny venue totally unsuitable for a public meeting!

Beach users therefore were forced to organise a “consultation meeting” on the beach in freezing conditions and in full view of the press and television.

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We want a dedicated beach for families with dogs and indeed all beach users – all year round.

I urge Instow Parish Council to start exhibiting some common sense for the sake of the whole community – for tourism and the financial prosperity of the pubs and shops at Instow who benefit enormously from the “dog walker” trade throughout the year, at times when Instow would otherwise be a ghost area.

Last, but most importantly, have the parish council actually invited the owners of the beach – ie the chief executive of Christie Estates – to their private public meeting?

Presumably, as the owners, they would possibly appreciate some input into (what I would describe as) power-mad mediocrity?

Joanne Bell

West Yelland

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