Dogs Trust Ilfracombe is asking people to give socks instead of dogs as Christmas presents.

Dogs Trust Ilfracombe is taking a stand against impulse puppy purchasing by changing its name to Socks Trust, encouraging Brits to #GiveSocksNotDogs this Christmas.

Last year, Dogs Trust Ilfracombe received 90 calls in the weeks following Christmas from new owners wanting to give up their dog, with a total of 41 unwanted dogs handed in during this period.

Adrian Burder, Dogs Trust CEO, said: “Unfortunately, the realities that come with being a new dog-owner are often overlooked in the thrill of it all and we have seen how some people end up simply abandoning puppies as if they are just another one of their unwanted gifts left under the Christmas tree.”

Support the campaign using #GiveSocksNotDogs on social media.