Giant Triffids?

SIR - Not long ago, you could stand on Codden Hill and enjoy an uninterrupted view of the superb Devon landscape in all directions. Now, one by one, the turbines on the hills to the north are going up, and the three smaller ones at Great Torrington to the south are already standing.

Soon, like giant Triffids, they will all come to life, their “waggling arms” distracting even more from what was a serene and uplifting panorama.

Only this week it was reported in an article by Jonathan Leake and Mark Macaskill (in The Sunday Times, May 1st) that wind power operators in Scotland were paid up to �300,000 on the nights of April 5 and 6 to stop – yes, stop – producing electricity.

It is already becoming apparent that wind turbines do very little at all to save C02 emissions. One of the many problems with wind energy isn’t just that the turbines don’t produce enough electricity when it is needed, they can also produce too much when it isn’t needed, overloading the National Grid.

As the above-mentioned article said, a typical turbine attracts subsidies worth �250,000 a year (those additional payments for switching off were what you could call an extra bonus). These subsidies are added directly to consumer bills.

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So, as our hills are being churned up and filled with concrete, giant turbines carried across Britain in enormous convoys, rare earths (used in the manufacture of the turbines) being mined in China with disastrous environmental consequences, and Devon’s greatest assets, its beautiful countryside and its peace and tranquillity are being needlessly destroyed, it doesn’t help to remember that all this damage is being paid for by us. And by us, I don’t mean just the taxpayer, I mean everyone, most especially the poorest in society, because they are the ones who are hit hardest by rising electricity bills.

Christine Lovelock,

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