Get glow-worm spotting and help Wildlife Trust

Glowing bugs to be surveyed amid fears for their decline.

DEVON Wildlife Trust is asking people to be on the lookout for glow-worms this summer.

Researchers fear the insect, once a common night-time sight in the county’s meadows, grasslands, grass verges and hedgerows, is in decline.

A combination of increased herbicide and pesticide use, and over-zealous grass cutting, is believed to have destroyed many glow-worm colonies, although some are known to remain, including along the Tarka Trail in North Devon.

Steve Hussey, of Devon Wildlife Trust, said: “We’re looking for the public to help us help these wonderful creatures. Please be on the lookout in your area for the glow-worm’s unique green-yellow light.

“Those planning to go spotting should look in grassy areas. The female glow-worms appear at the end of tall grass stems where they display their glowing abdomen to attract a mate.

“Glow-worm’s can be seen after dark from May through to September, with a peak of activity in July.”

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A special on-line glow-worm survey has been set up to enable people to register their sightings.

Visit or call 01392 279244 with details of the location and date of any glow-worm sighting.

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