Teenagers across the UK are opening their GCSE results on Thursday (August 22). Find out how pupils from schools across North Devon and Torridge have got on here.

Hundreds of thousands to teenagers across the UK will be receiving their results after sitting exams earlier this summer.

The new 9-to-1 grading system has been introduced to more subjects this year, including design and technology.

The numerical system began replacing the traditional A* to G grades in 2017, with 9 the highest mark.

A grade from 7 to 9 is equivalent to A to A* under the former system, and a grade 4 and above is equivalent to a grade C and above.

Last year, one in five UK entries (20.5 per cent) picked up at least a 7 or an A grade, roughly in line with previous years, and is likely that a similar proportion of entries will achieve this level this summer.

Around two thirds (66.9 per cent) of UK entries were awarded at least grade 4, or C, last summer, according to data published by the Joint Council for Qualifications.