The headteacher of The Park Community School in Barnstaple has praised the sacrifices of his year 11 pupils on a GCSE results day like no other.

Park Community School pupils with their GCSE results. Picture: The Park Community SchoolPark Community School pupils with their GCSE results. Picture: The Park Community School

After seeing their final term and subsequent exams cancelled, students opened their GCSE results on Thursday (August 20) with the knowledge their final results would be the higher of either their teachers’ estimated grades or the moderated grade.

It followed the announcement that GCSE and A-level students would be able to receive grades based on assessments by schools or colleges, rather than an algorithm, after thousands of A-level results were downgraded last week.

Park headteacher Gareth Roscoe said every one of his departing year 11 students could be proud of their achievements, not just for their academic progress but how they ‘accepted what was asked of them’ during the coronavirus lockdown.

Mr Roscoe said: “The year group added a great deal of value to Park School and they leave with many fond memories, they will not be defined nor hindered by a challenging and difficult final few months due to Covid.

“These students have sacrificed a great deal in support of Covid safety measures; missing their final few months and days at school, cancellation of school trips and events, the opportunity to sit their examinations and demonstrate their true capabilities and achievements, their final day at school, year 11 prom celebrations, 16th birthday parties, sporting events, performances, concerts, celebrations and much much more.

“They have accepted what has been asked of them, supporting our community, numerous charities, their families and each other. They are a cohort to be proud of.

“On behalf of every member of staff at Park School I thank each student for their contribution and wish them well, I know they will go on to great things.”