A group of runners took on more than 100 miles in 14 hours to raise money for local charities.

Members of Fremington Trailblazers ran a total of 110 miles on treadmill in Barnstaple High Street on Friday and Saturday.

Between them they raised £2,819 which will be split between ChemoHero, TSA, MIND and Whizz Kidz.

The two-day event was part of the group’s efforts to raise £10,000 for its London Marathon runners.

Frank Biederman, of the Trailblazers, said: “It was an incredible two days.

“I want to thank everyone that took part and the generosity of the public who not only shared their money, but stories of how each of the charities had touched their lives in a time of great need or pressure.

“We are very appreciative of the local businesses that supported us our main sponsor Boden Fire & Security, Petroc Gym for loan of the treadmills and Banbury’s for the electrity and allowing us to store them over night.”