A new service is launching in Fremington to help improve mental health within the parish.

Lets Talk Fremington will begin in October and will run every Tuesday at the new Beechfield Centre.

Counsellors will work with the group in a safe and confidential environment, helping them to build confidence, social and communication skills and look towards positive outcomes.

The 46-week programme will be run by Clarity, a Barnstaple-based mental health charity, and has been set up by Fremington Parish Council with the help of funding from North Devon councillors Jayne Mackie, Joy Cann, Helen Walker and Will Topps and Devon County councillor Frank Biederman.

Fremington Parish Council chairman Sue Kingdom said: "I am delighted that Fremington Parish Council has taken the initiative to provide mental health services in its community.

Mental health and isolation issues can affect anyone at any time and I know that all the local councillors are pleased that this council with the support of district and the county councillors are able to provide this service for our community."

Cllr Mackie, said: "It is such a privilege to be able to give grant money and my support to such a forward-looking project.

"This initiative highlights how we need to start the conversation about mental well-being at parish and ward level and hopefully, more areas will take our lead."

Cllr Biederman added: "I am very pleased to be able to support this initiative by the parish council. There are so many in our community that suffer with varying levels of mental health, I went through a period of depression myself at one time, I was lucky to have the support of my employer, who organised a few support sessions, that made a huge difference to myself and enabled me to get over it relatively quickly. I hope this will give others a similar chance".

For more information, or to join the group, contact Clarity on 01271 267 474 on a Tuesday or Thursday, or email clarity.northdevon@yahoo.co.uk