Don and Ann Horsnell, from Fremington, married in 1947 following a chance meeting in Germany at the end of World War Two.

A platinum couple who met in Germany after the war celebrated their 70 years together with their family.

Don, 90, and Ann, 92, Horsnell, from Fremington, first met in 1946 in Hamburg, when Ann was on her way home one evening.

Don was there in the Irish Guard and the couple, who had to be back home for the 9pm curfew, met the next day.

"We didn't do a lot, we just walked around the lake," Don recalled.

But the rest was history, and they applied for a license to be married.

Ann moved to Whitton, near London, where Don grew up, and they were married on September 20, 1947, at Whitton Baptist Church.

They went on to have two daughters, Margaret, 69, and Christine, 60, and now have four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

In 1965 they moved to Ilfracombe where Don, worked as a carpenter.

And the secret to a long and happy marriage?

"Give and take," said Ann. "And we still get along."