EVERY Year 7 pupil at Braunton School and Community College has received a free book following a party in the school library.

Each year through the Booked Up scheme, organised by the Book trust and Department for Education, each pupil is offered a free book, with a list of around 15 to choose from.

Instead of handing out the books during English lessons as normal, library head Sue Howe said on Thursday they decided to throw a party and free buffet, which soon attracted a queue of pupils, so that almost the entire Year 7 turned out.

A number of small prizes were also awarded and she thanked Year 10 reading partners Karina Brooke, Robyn Lobley and Jadeen Lowe who chose the winners and handed out the prizes.

Principal David Sharratt thanked all those who had helped out on the day: “I was so impressed with this festival of reading and I really appreciate the hard work done by the staff to make this celebration of the written word such a success,” he said.

“When we read stories, our imagination is engaged in a much greater way than when we see films. It was great to witness the glee in the eyes of our students as they chose their lovely new books.”