Fred to help paint the town ‘green’

Barnstaple’s new lengthsman hopes to promote important environmental message

BARNSTAPLE Town Council’s new lengthsman is on a mission to help bolster the town’s ‘green’ credentials.

Fred Grimwood said he hopes to promote the importance of recycling as part of an ongoing commitment to ensure the town is kept neat and tidy.

“I hope that by having a presence in the town I can encourage more people to take pride in Barnstaple,” said Fred, who is set to become a regular face about the town in his green John Deere Gator utility vehicle.

“Any rubbish I collect will be recycled and if everyone plays their own small part, they can make a big contribution.”

Fred, whose full title is outside maintenance operative, was employed by the council for the three-day-a-week role last month.

He is responsible for keeping tidy the areas outside the main centre – which is covered by North Devon Council operatives – undertaking tasks such as litter collecting, weed clearing and minor works, anything which helps to improve the look of the whole town.

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Town Clerk Anne Jenkins said the council wanted to keep June’s Tidy Up Our Town week philosophy going throughout the year.

“It’s a newly-evolving scheme but we are working with Fred to see how we can best develop the service for the town,” she said.

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