Woman claiming to be from the council tried to con elderly Barnstaple man, as police warn people to remain vigilent of fraudsters.

Fraudsters claiming to be from the council attempted to con an elderly man out of a large sum of money.

A woman called the man, from Barnstaple, claiming he had been over paying his council tax, police told the Gazette.

She was well informed of his financial position and asked for his bank details, which he provided.

The fraudsters attempted to withdraw funds from his account but the diligence of the bank stopped them.

PCSO Steve Huxtable said: “If you receive a phone call like this do not to get in to a discussion with them or give any personal details and put the phone down. The bank or council will not phone you and ask to for bank details.”

DI Praveen Naidoo added: “These fraudsters are typically targeting the elderly, if you have an elderly relative or friend, please take the time to talk to them about scams.

“It’s really important that potential victims recognise these scams for what they are from the start; forewarned is forearmed.”