Man was found in his car at High Bickington and blew more than three-times the legal limit.

A former serviceman suffering post traumatic stress disorder has admitted drink driving.

Darrell Paterson Deacon, 51, of Netherton in Wakefield, blew a reading of more than three-times the legal limit on October 14.

He was living in High Bickington at the time when his partner realised his car was missing.

When Paterson Deacon returned, his partner heard the car running in the driveway and went to remove the keys from the ignition.

A neighbour told her he had struck his car causing minor damage, and she called the police.

They found Paterson Deacon sat in the car and he was arrested.

The court heard the defendant spent 23 years in the services and was medically discharged with PTSD.

Defence solicitor Rod Ball said his client ‘had a breakdown’ in October and turned to alcohol, but had not intended to drive anywhere on that day.

He has since been visiting Alcoholics Anonymous and ‘self imposed’ a driving ban.

Magistrates disqualified him from driving for two years and imposed a curfew to run for three months.