Flying snail sparks book inspiration

A former chef from Bideford has launched her writing career with a children’s book.

A SNAIL who dreams of flying was the inspiration behind a new children’s book written by a Bideford woman.

Layna Sadler, a former chef, was in the garden with her seven-year-old son Ethan when a snail came flying over the garden fence from the neighbouring allotments.

“It got us thinking – what if the snail wanted to fly?” said Layna.

“We talked about if he did, how he would do it, and that’s how the idea for Snail-copter came about.”

The 31-year-old has been writing as a hobby for several years, but this was her first exploration into children’s literature.

She wrote and illustrated the book herself, which tells the story of Clement, a little snail with big aspirations to take flight despite the obstacles in his way.

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Layna said: “When my second son Benedict was born I realised I wanted to leave my children some sort of legacy, even if it’s not loads of money or a successful career.

“I decided to give up my work as a chef and now am really trying to focus on my writing and it’s been really well received so far.

“Being an amateur writer is a tough business to break in to and it’s scary because it’s like exposing your heart and soul to the world.”

Having just finished her first book, Layna already has plans for the next.

“I don’t want to give too much away, but there are definitely ideas in the pipeline to perhaps turn Clement’s adventures into a series,” she said.

Snail-copter is currently available in paperback or e-book format from Amazon.

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