Fire fighters were called to the A39 twice last night, once to Shirwell and once to Blackmoor Gate, after flood water saw motorists get into trouble.

Fire fighters were called out twice last night to help motorists stuck in floor water on the A39.

The first callout came at 8.22pm to Upcott Cross, Shirwell, with fire fighters from Barnstaple attending the scene.

One person was rescued from a vehicle that had become stuck in floodwater by fire fighters wearing drysuits.

A fire spokesman said: “Police and Devon County Highways attended to close the road and sign diversion routes.”

And at 12.15am this morning (Wednesday) fire crews from Combe Martin were called to the A39 - this time at Blackmoor Gate.

They found the road flooded and rescued one man from a car. He was taken to hospital.

Fire fighters, police and Highways cleared the road of flood water using a main pump and small tools.

It is understood the road is no longer flooded in these spots but there is a lot of debris and thick mud on the road.

Gazette reader Naomi Gubb-Fradgley said: “Road outside Woody Bay Station remains flooded passable with care.”

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