Pier House owner Rob Braddick donned a leotard in the comical video for St Austell Brewery - watch it here.

A dancing businessman promoting a beer has caused it to completely sell out.

Rob Braddick, who owns the Pier House in Westward Ho!, got together with St Austell Brewery to come up with a humorous video to promote Waggle Dance beer.

His latest escapades see the businessman donning a leotard and performing Flashdance to a ‘panel’ including his wife and father.

Since putting the video on Facebook on New Year’s Day, Rob has amassed more than 8,300 views and completely sold out of the beer.

“We came up with the idea because of the name of the beer,” said Rob.

“It’s nice to let your hair down and have a bit of fun at work, that’s what it’s all about.

“I had no idea the video would get so many views. Next time we’ll have to top this.”

Rob said he is hoping to team up with St Austell Brewery again in six months’ time to create another video.

Watch Rob’s video above.