Fishermen are right

With the opposition to the Atlantic Array now overflowing – despite the media almost drowning in “climate nightmare scenarios” – I was most impresssed with the statement of objection from the North Devon Fisherman’s Association (NDFA).

It should be remembered that the NDFA is the largest representative body for commercial fishing in the Bristol Channel and fish processing in the South West. What these guys don’t know about the Bristol Channel and its environs is not worth knowing!

This comes over loud and clear in their statement, which was factual, hard-hitting and knowledgeable. Above all, it was readable and entirely understandable from those with expert first-hand knowledge and experience.

Unlike [the work of] RWE’s consultants, it didn’t contain pretentious jargon or meaningless maps, data, and surveys which generally serve only to confuse and obfuscate.

I was very pleased to note that the NDFA have queried the issue of 278 “floating turbines” or pile-driven monopiling.

Monopiling, being the cheaper option, will have an absolutely disastrous effect on all marine activity and Lundy Island.

They also mention what has happened in the Humber Wash with marine mammals disappearing – and worse – due to the offshore turbine factory.

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I brought this to the local press a year ago when we visited that area and spoke with locals, fishermen and even a member of the RSPB regarding dead seals with the “corkscrew” slashes on their bodies, aborted pups and their general disappearance due to unbearable noise pollution.

I was criticised by the Green Party at that time, and their continued support for the Atlantic Array (and Fullabrook) is a disgrace.

Joanne Bell


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