Police have shared images of weapons handed in to Barnstaple Police Station during first week of firearms amnesty.

Police have shared images of some of the firearms handed in to Barnstaple Police Station during an amnesty event.

The firearms amnesty is taking place across Devon and Cornwall until November 26.

If you have unwanted items you can hand them in and you can remain anonymous, and you will not be arrested for illegal possession at the point of surrender.

Barnstaple police enquiry office, in North Walk, is open Monday to Friday 9am – 1.15pm, 2pm – 5pm.

These photos show some of the items surrendered in North Devon during the first four days of the amnesty.

Any amount of unwanted ammunition can be accepted from members of the public.

Firearms include live weapons, antiques and trophies of war which may have been left forgotten in the attic, air weapons, stun guns, replicas and collectors pieces and BB guns.

Every firearm taken out of circulation helps to keep our communities safer.

Across the force area, by just four days into the surrender period, 183 separate items had been recorded.

111 of these were separate weapons of various types, the other 72 being various quantities of ammunition, totalling in excess of 1,400 assorted rounds.