New drone footage has been released showing Westward Ho! from above - you can watch the footage here.

New drone footage shows Westward Ho! from a completely new point of view.

The high definition film by Alititude58 shows the seaside resort from a birdseye vantage point.

The flyby footage of the resort takes in some of the well known local landmarks such as the fabulous beach and burrows hinterland, shipwrecks, and rockpool as well as some of the newer features such as the refurbished promenade and Rudyard Kipling poem If.

Torridge District Councillor for Westward Ho! Peter Le Maistre said: “Westward Ho! really has undergone a spectacular transformation this year with many new and improved facilities.

“The benefits are clearly visible and there for everybody to enjoy whether they are local residents or among the many tourists that come to the area all year round.

“With the help of the community and local businesses I’m looking forward to further growth and improvements across the resort in 2017 and hope that the legacy of the work already undertaken will be enjoyed and appreciated by many people for years to come.”

For the first time people will be able to see aerial footage showing the outline of the wreck of the merchant ship the Sally which ran aground in 1769 while bound from Oporto in Portugal to Bristol carrying a cargo of port wine.

The Sally is one of two wrecks of 18th Century merchant ships that can be found at low tide on the beach, which this summer were given protection by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Wrecks are usually only the preserve of divers but at Westward Ho! visitors can stroll along the sand to see the remains of these ships which offer a fascinating glimpse into the areas rich mercantile history.

The Sally has been described as ‘nationally important’ as it still retains its key identifying features, with details of the ships construction clearly visible for all to see.

The aerial footage offers a unique and new vantage point to view this and other landmarks.

Further along the resort there are views of the newly refurbished tidal rockpool and promenade with the community chosen extract of the poem If by Rudyard Kipling inlaid into the walkway.

The works are all part of Torridge District Council’s £418,000 investment into Westward Ho! funded through a successful application to Government under the Coastal Community grant scheme