Fighting the decline

In response to Henry Hartley Senior’s letter (“Marina mistake”, Opinion, February 13) in which he says “Appledore is slowly dying”.

I am a born and bred Appledorian, as were my mother and father, and I also have seen the decline of our beautiful historical village.

Growing up, our village was self-sufficient: doctors, chemist, banks, building society and store. Gradually all taken away.

Then there are the people who buy houses to be part of our village life and live in those houses for a few weeks of the year. I wonder why the village is dying.

Building a marina, in my estimation, would not give a boost to our village. It will probably mean more holiday homes, which in turn means no village life – the very reason why they choose to buy a property here.

As for the comment about the majority of people outside the municipal office having very grey hair – thank you!

Because without you fighting the fight, developers would have a field day.

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E Lawrence


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