Fight ‘Turbineshire’

“Say Devon and think of heaven.” For generations the conveniently romantically rhymed association has described with affection what this county means for residents and tourists.

But now, tear down that welcoming sign on the M5 greeting holidaymakers and returning Devonians. Perhaps we should stop using the name Devon altogether for its character is about to change inexorably.

We are about to become Turbineshire, a spoiled and disfigured landscape shunned by all who once admired its picturesque beauty, and who may now plan holidays and perhaps retirement elsewhere in the unspoiled Lake District or Yorkshire Dales where wind farms of unsightly generators are banned.

What a pity, because for centuries Devon has retained its agricultural dignity and rural charm, remaining for the greater part immune from the worst aspects of greed-related technology.

During the industrial revolution Devon escaped the blackened skylines into which Blake’s dark, satanic mills spewed their sulphurous fumes. Similarly, not a single pithead or smoking chimney, the likes of which were silhouetted against the chemically red sunsets of the midlands, was ever built in Devon.

During the last war, at least the northern and westerly towns of Devonshire escaped the murderous Luftwaffe that laid waste to London and the South East.

Now we live in Turbineshire. In every direction and on every horizon, Turbineshire’s destiny is to be populated by swishing, whooshing revolving eyesores, their mocking blades turning and turning, each rotation swelling the pockets of absentee and mainly foreign shareholders who care nothing for our environment.

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The bonanza of obscene cash subsidies that the myth of “green” energy brings overrides every consideration.

This hideous hardware is what a domineering enemy country would inflict on Britain after a successful invasion.

That’s why turbines must be resisted at all costs.

Dave Griffin


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