A Barnstaple resident has vowed not to shop at Lidl again after a faulty bottle of wine has left him faced with more than £100 of kitchen repairs.

Chris Burke and his wife Kathryn went to open the bottle of Baron del Cega Gran Reserva red wine, which had cost £3.49 from the shop in Barnstaple Retail Park.

However, as Chris started using his corkscrew the cork dropped down into the bottle, sending red wine across the kitchen in their home in Roundswell, over one of the kitchen walls and their kitchen window blind.

The retired police officer has been left in a customer service wrangle with the supermarket chain since October, which he says still has not been resolved more than three months later.

"I had to buy stain sealer because we kept painting over it and it just kept coming through the wall," said Chris.

Chris Burke has been faced with more than £110 in repairs to his kitchen (bottle for illustation purposes). Picture: Matt SmartChris Burke has been faced with more than £110 in repairs to his kitchen (bottle for illustation purposes). Picture: Matt Smart

"We were in the kitchen for nearly an hour that evening scrubbing the walls and trying to get the stains out.

"What should have been a relaxing Friday evening turned out to be a bit of a nightmare.

"I've spent £20 in paint, £10 in stain sealer and a quote for the blind has come in at £93."

After taking the bottle - with cork still inside - back to the shop, he was given a refund and had the bottle taken off him.

When the 53-year-old decided to take the matter further with Lidl's customer service department, he was asked for the barcode on the bottle of wine he no longer had.

Eventually the chain offered him a £10 voucher to spend in store, but Chris said the gesture did not go far enough considering the costs he has been faced with.

"It felt like they were sticking two fingers up at me," said Chris.

"I won't shop there any more.

"I'm adamant they are not going to give me anything more but they deserve to get a bit back.

"Every time I've rang them I've been a perfect gentleman. I've explained the situation, done everything I can that they have asked of me, and they say they can't identify the product.

"Apart from spending the voucher I have not been back since.

"We spent in on a bottle of port and opened it very carefully!"

The Gazette has not received a reply from Lidl after asking the chain for comment.