Faster trains

SIR - Councillor David Luggar is spot on (Tarka Line warning, Gazette, February 1). North Devon needs a faster rail service.

The Department of Transport’s call for the public’s view gives the people of North Devon a golden opportunity to say so.

We should be bold. End the nonsense of trains slowing to a crawl every couple of miles just in case the odd person wants to get on or off. They wouldn’t do it on the main line. We shouldn’t do it here. Three stops between Barnstaple and Exeter should be enough for everybody.

Get rid of the suburban type trains. Replace them with the kind that South West Trains runs between Waterloo and Exeter. They have a lot more seats and are far more comfortable. In fact, run the South West trains right through between Waterloo and Barnstaple.

Do the Barnstaple-Exeter bit in no more than 50 minutes, far quicker than anything we have now. Then we would have the rail service that North Devon’s large population and thousands of visitors really need.

Keep the staff we have now at Barnstaple. They are terrific.

North Devon Council, throw your weight behind this. Then see how the use of the line will really boom and all the area will benefit.

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David Baker,


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