Barnstaple family sets up video blog to document the life of baby Noah, who was born with spina bifida in January.

The family of a baby born with the debilitating condition spina bifida is hoping a video blog of their experience will give others hope.

Stuart, 26, and Louise, 25, Pedlar, from Barnstaple, found out at Louise's 20 week scan that their unborn baby Noah had developed a congenital defect of the spine.

They were faced with the impossible decision as to whether they should keep the baby - and turned to the internet for guidance.

Louise said: "As soon as we found a Facebook support group and saw real children living with spina bifida on a daily basis, it made up our minds.

"It's an impossible decision to be faced with as a parent."

Deciding to carry on with the pregnancy, the couple were booked into Bristol Children's Hospital for Louise to be induced on January 5.

"That's when we started the video blog," said Stuart, an accountant in Barnstaple. "We wanted it to be something for Noah to look back on, but also to help other families going through a similar experience."

On their Bifida Blog YouTube channel, the couple posted daily updates about Noah, who underwent five operations in his first five weeks.

He had to have a shunt fitted to help with fluid build up in the brain, as well as a tracheostomy to help him breathe after further complications.

The couple have been told Noah will probably end up wheelchair bound, but it is a 'waiting game'.

"We're remaining optimistic," said Louise. "We found the hope which has carried us through, and now we want to give that to others."

Search for 'Bifida Blog' at for the Pedlar's diaries.