Brian Greenslade is calling for fairer funding for Devon in advance of MPs deciding how much money councils will get for 2018-19

A senior councillor has warned North Devon to expect a six per cent rise in council tax this year.

Barnstaple county councillor Brian Greenslade says with inflation at 4.1 per cent and wage growth just 0.2 per cent, it is not good news for local households.

And he has called on Devon MPs including North Devon MP Peter Heaton-Jones to use their votes at Westminster to call for fairer funding for rural areas.

He has written to all Devon MPs in advance of their vote on the final local government settlement of money paid to councils for the year 2018-19.

He warns that local finances 'are at breaking point'; due to escalating care costs and says Devon schoolchildren receive £268 less per head than the national average.

He said: "The condition of the road network continues to get worse and worse. The same low level of government funding is also reflected in the support for the police and fire and rescue service.

"Given this position it is no surprise that authorities are taking the opportunity to look to increases in council tax to try and make ends meet."