North Devon’s Steve Crowther says the party has won its biggest battle, but there is more work to come

UKIP is not going anywhere despite a 'fantastic' EU referendum result that has achieved the party's main aim.

That was the message from national party chairman Steve Crowther, who said the party still had 'a mission to continue' after Britain voted to leave the European Union.

He said: "UKIP is now fully established as a certainty on the political scene - we are not a one issue party or a lobby group.

"We have a mission to continue and we have also just won our biggest battle that we were set up to do - we have success behind us and I am sure we also have a lot more success ahead of us."

Mr Crowther, who lives in North Devon, said the UK Independence Party name was unlikely to change as the brand was well known and established.

Of the result, he said he was 'fantastically pleased, delighted and proud of my country and of North Devon'.

"We were not certain this was going to happen once we went into last night as the polls had swung away from us," he said.

"As soon as we saw the first major results come in, which were Newcastle and Sunderland, we thought we were likely to win.

"It means we now have the opportunity to be a sovereign, self-governing nation again and one of the great players on the world stage."

He said now UKIP had to drive through the reality of Britain leaving the EU.

"The people have given their opinion - we now have work to do to get the deal and the relationship we want with our friends and neighbours in the EU and to put this country on the right footing to be even more successful than it is now."