EU REFERENDUM: South West MEPs react to referendum decision

MEP Julie Girling.

MEP Julie Girling. - Credit: Archant

Julie Girling and Molly Scott-Cato both released statements following the EU referendum result.

North Devon’s Member of European Parliament (MEP) has labelled the UK’s decision to leave the European Union a ‘shattering’ one for Britain.

Julie Girling, who is MEP for South West and Gibraltar released a statement on Friday morning in the wake of the referendum result.

The conservative party member said: “This is a shattering decision for Britain.

“I am deeply sorry that the people of the UK have chosen this leap in the dark. I believe future generations will question our wisdom.

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“The EU has many faults, of course, but I remain convinced that we would be safer, stronger and better off by remaining a member.

“However, the British people have decided otherwise. The Conservative Party, like the whole nation, must put our disagreements behind us and pull together to get the best for Britain.

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“As an MEP, I intend to do all I can to make sure we negotiate the best terms possible for our departure and protect our trade, exports and economy.”

Molly Scott-Cato, Green Party MEP for the South West said the UK ‘will feel a profound sense of shock’.

A statement on her website said: “What stands out from this referendum campaign is the anger felt by so many people.

“I have had personal experience of this anger, which has worryingly manifest itself in the politics of hate.

“I believe this reveals a wider discontentment with the state of our own democracy.

“While anger has been directed at the EU, it is clear that it is our own broken system that is in desperate need of a fix.”

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