Peter Heaton-Jones ‘disappointed’ by result but ‘glad’ people had their say

North Devon MP Peter Heaton-Jones has spoken of his ‘disappointment’ that the UK has voted to leave the European Union.

Speaking as the ‘leave’ vote crossed the winning margin, he said: “It will be a narrow margin, but still a majority, and we must respect that result.

“I am proud to have voted in Parliament on behalf of North Devon to have this referendum. It was a commitment in the Conservative party’s manifesto, and we have delivered.

“On balance I supported remain so I am naturally disappointed by this outcome, but I am glad that we have given people their say.

“Three things now need to happen. Firstly, we need to work hard to ensure the UK remains strong, secure and economically successful outside the European Union.

“Secondly, all politicians must now come together and work for the good of the country.

“Thirdly, politics now needs to be conducted in a more respectful, courteous and consensual manner.

“I will continue working hard every day to achieve these goals for everyone in North Devon.”

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