A pink-backed pelican that escaped from Exmoor Zoo earlier this week has been recaptured.

The Dutch bred pink backed pelican is back at Exmoor Zoo.The Dutch bred pink backed pelican is back at Exmoor Zoo.

The bird flew roughly a mile from the zoo in Bratton Fleming, where farmer Kevin Dallyn noticed it and got in touch.

Zoo owner Danny Reynolds said the errant Dutch bred pink-backed pelican was 'safe and well'.

He said: "He flew in total about a mile away from the zoo before the building winds of the gales on Monday forced him to land. Today was the first good weather day since the strong winds and rain on Monday night and Tuesday.

"We were able to entice him close with his favourite food and then capture him."

The bird originally escaped when Danny was preoccupied with cutting the feathers of the other pelicans in the flock.

As Danny had his back turned, the pelican flew up into a tree before making its grand escape.

The bird has now been returned to its enclosure.