A pink-backed pelican has gone on the lam from Exmoor Zoo.

The bird got away from the attraction at Bratton Fleming at around 2pm yesterday (Monday, June 10).

The pelican has a wingspan of approximately two-and-a-half metres but is not dangerous

Zoo owner Danny Reynolds explained: "The wind was building yesterday afternoon and we had gone in to feather cut the flock.

"When we had our backs turned, it decided to go and fly into a tree in the zoo.

"As the wind built up, it literally just flew away and disappeared down the valley."

The pink-backed pelican is native to the swamps and shallow lakes of Africa, southern Arabia and southern India.

Danny said if people do spot the bird, it would be best for them to admire it from afar and contact the zoo with the information.

Due to the pelican's nature as a near wild bird, Danny said people realistically would not to be able to get closer than 20 to 30 feet of the bird in any case.

Exmoor Zoo can be contacted at 01598 763352 or reached via its Facebook page.