Council leader invites Secretary of State for Local Communities and Government to visit Torridge amid ‘cutbacks, cutbacks, cutbacks’.

TORRIDGE District Council leader Philip Collins has invited government minister Eric Pickles to come and see the district’s rural funding issues for himself.

Councillor Collins sent an open invitation to the Secretary of State for Local Communities and Government on December 3.

People in Torridge are paid the lowest average weekly wage in the country and Mr Collins said the ‘movers and shakers in London’ had little idea of what life was like in rural areas.

“With the constant cry of cutbacks, cutbacks, cutbacks, how on earth do they expect us to continue to provide quality services for the public and visitors to the area?

“We have to find more than £2m savings over the next three years. Let’s have a fairer funding deal for rural authorities.

“I’ve asked Mr Pickles to come down here so I can show him around our beautiful district and even offered to put him up. Let’s see if he accepts the invite.”