Energy choice

While on holiday in Instow I was dismayed to see from your paper that planning permission has been granted for two wind turbines; in one case against the wishes of both the local council and 140 of the 147 respondents to the planning consultation.

Wind farms, particularly land-based, are a very inefficient means of generating electricity. The 22 turbine farm on Fullabrook Down claims to generate up to 3mw each (66MW total), apparently enough power for 30,000 households; this morning (August 9) it was generating exactly 0MW as all the turbines were stationary enough to power no households at all.

This means that power for freezers, fridges, cookers etc has to come from alternative capacity. In addition, the turbines are far from ‘green’ as each has several hundred tonnes of reinforced concrete in its base to stop it falling over and cement manufacture is very carbon intensive.

The two new nuclear reactors planned for Hinkley Point will generate almost 3500MW whether the wind is blowing or not. They would require 1200 wind turbines to provide even the same installed capacity. The choice seems obvious to me.

Roger Jackson

39 Broomfield Road

Stockport, Cheshire

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